England - West Midlands - Oxfordshire - Medelintune

Castle recorded as ordered to be destroyed in 1216. Appears not to be the same as Middleton Stoney. King writes "Dr Allen Brown suggests Milton, a name unfortunately rather common; no remains are known to exist at any place of this name in or near Oxfordshire." Brown writes "The Mappa Mundi lists under Oxfordshire both Mideltune and Medelintuna. One of these must refer to Middleton Stoney to which there are contemporary references. The other is presumably to be sought amoung the Miltons. At Ascot under Wychwood (VCH Vol. 2 p. 321-2) - and possibly at Shipton-under-Wychwood (VCH Vol. 2 p. 346-7) - close to Milton-under-Wychwood, there is a site of a castle." The first of these is probably one of the two castles at Ascot; Ascot d'oilly (SP301190) or Ascot Earl (SP297184), the second is either Ascot Earl or Shipton Court (a Jacobean House possible on the site of an earlier building)(SP277175)