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Welcome to the new look Castlefacts website

CastleFacts is comprehensive listing of all the medieval fortifications of England and Wales, large and small, great tourist attractions, lonely mounds of earth and even totally lost and generally forgotten places. This is a lot of places and CastleFacts uses the best features of modern design to make this information readily and attractively available. The data used in this site was intended for serious students of castles and some of the photographs are more architectural and archaeological than artistic but the site is intended for anyone interested in castles.

This site contains a fully searchable database of over 5000 medieval masonry and timber castles, siege works, palaces, fortified manor houses, tower houses, pele towers and bastles, artillery forts, chain and boom towers, fortified churches and monasteries, dykes and ditches, and town walls and defences located in England, Wales, the Channel Isles and the Isle of Man. Thanks to many contributors there are now over 13000 images of over 1200 sites.

The data in this site was collated by Philip Davis from numerous sources given in the bibliographies. He has published this as the Gatehouse website and as freely downloadable databases. He continues to maintain and develop Gatehouse whilst doing his own independent studies on medieval fortifications which do eventually get published in Gatehouse. He has also provided me with a lot encouragement, support and feedback during the design of the site and contributed photographs. His help is greatly appreciated. As further versions of Philip's database are published, Castlefacts will be updated. The data is now based on the version that was uploaded on the 27th July 2014.

Information can be viewed by geopgraphic location or by Classification. The location maps will also allow viewing the site information

The site record for each site contains :

  • Description of the castle or monument
  • Facts about the sites including its location, legal status, National Monument Record number and county Historic Environment Record number
  • Location maps with optional birds eye and aerial view map directly linked within the page. Links to Ordnance Survey, Multi-map and Street Maps
  • Photo gallery
  • Bibliography
  • External links to allow further research
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